Don’t Forget! (To Follow)

Forgetfulness is not a textbook feature of autism. Really, it’s not. I can’t think of anyone with autism (including myself) that just finds it easy to forget things. I can forget stuff, but not too much. No, I’m talking about little stuff that you forget to do. Stuff that doesn’t affect anyone else. A feature that seems to apply to autism much more than general forgetfulness.

I, personally, sometimes forget to eat. Why is this a feature of autism? Well, it’s because of the reason I forget. A textbook feature of autism is getting really involved in something, the rest of the world dropping away for a little amount of time in favour of this pursuit. And forgetting to eat, or get some water, or wash hair before bedtime…well, that’s what my autism can do.

For example, today I didn’t feel particularly hungry at all. So when it got to my usual dinnertime, I didn’t bother to get up and cook something. It was only when I realized that it was almost eight o’clock that I realized if I was having any dinner, I needed to do it right then. Not to mention that I only had a snack for lunch because I had it late and I didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner.

I don’t often forget important engagements unless I have one almost every day of the week, which has been happening recently. Tutoring Tuesday, cooking Wednesday, product making Thursday, meetings Friday and babysitting Saturday. And this week, I was busy on Sunday and got to bed late, so I only found the time to write this now. But the things I forget are more like eating, sleeping and checking the time regularly.

But you know what?

Those are the most important ones.

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